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Complete product and inventory management

Sell products with multiple options and prices with easy-to-use inventory editing.

Smart webstore system

Order Management
Complete order management

Customer Management
Track & encourage customers

Mobile Store
Sell on the go

Tools to help you succeed

Complete design flexibility

Product Management
Manage your inventory

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  Easy Product Management

Product entry could not be any more simple. Our intuitive product entry interface allows you to create products easily and quickly on one convenient page. Upload multiple product photos at once, re-ordering, and even edit images online using the built-in photo editor.

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  Multiple Product Options

Need to offer different product options such as color, size, etc? Setting up multiple product options is a snap with HostFare.

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  Category Management
Create nested product categories for streamlined store navigation. Assign multiple categories to a single product and manage category structure with drag and drop re-ordering.
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